The Piano Cottage Rocks is an annual concert hosted by The Piano Cottage. Students (ages 18 and younger) audition live or submit a video to a select panel of 3rd party judges. Judges are experts in the music industry and change annually.

​​ The primary goal of this event is to bring live stage experience to the students of The Piano Cottage. Students receive professional training in all aspects of performing before a live audience. This includes training in musicianship, technical skills, stage presence, choreography, and how to work with a live band. There will also be workshops, classes and other activities for students to participate in throughout the scheduled rehearsal times.

​ The Piano Cottage Rocks holds 3 shows in 2-days. The same performance is given both days, and they are typically split into ACT I and ACT II. Only 20 songs are selected and are divided between the Acts based on the number of performers and energy of the song. Performances are unique each year with a different group of students and songs. ​

Audition fee: $25.00 per student

​ Participation fee: $250.00 per student. This covers 3 weeks of rehearsals, classes, activities, t-shirt and participation in 3 concerts.



    We have several student bands with varying experience levels. This program is designed for students looking to compose, record, produce, and perform their own original music as well as their arrangements of other popular tunes. Student bands have had great success performing on WoodTV and venues such as the DeVos Performance Hall, Frederick Meijer Gardens, Wealthy Theatre, The Piano Cottage Rocks, and coffee shops. We even have our bands hired and paid to perform at private venues. Band members must also be enrolled in private lessons with TPC.

    Must be enrolled in private lessons with TPC to participate in the Band program


    The A cappella Chorus provides a unique experience for aspiring singers that may not be ready to perform on their own, or they are seeking experience working with other singers in harmonization and choreography. Students ranging from 8-18 years of age will study inspiring contemporary and classical choral arrangements as well as learn techniques to improve their vocal abilities.


    This 8-week MUSIC CLASS is designed for children who love music but may not be ready for one-on-one piano lessons. We will explore rhythm, movement, patterns, instruments, and all styles of music!


    Work with an audio engineer to professionally record a cover or an original composition. Choose to record an instrumental piece, vocals or even a larger production if you are part of a band. You also have the option to work hands-on with the audio engineer to learn how to edit, mix and master your audio recording. Our basic package is $300, and includes 1 vocal or 1 instrumental track.


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