Ms. Blithe Brouwers is a passionate music educator with diverse experiences. She believes everyone has music inside and can develop their talent so that it becomes a language of their soul.

​ She has taught vocal music in public schools for 25 years. She is currently the assistant director of the Grand Rapids Women's Chorus and accompanist for the Girls Choral Academy. In addition to accompanying The Grand Rapids Women's Chorus for several years, she has accompanied several solo and ensemble festivals. Blithe has worked in diverse settings, teaching on a Navajo Reservation in Arizona and in an urban performing arts school in Pittsburgh, PA.

​ Ms. Blithe earned her Bachelors Degree from San Diego State University with an emphasis in voice and her Master's degree from Western Michigan University in Music Education. She has spent many summers at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, studying Dalcroze Eurhythmics which formed her approach to music learning as a full-body experience.
Ms. Catalina Uscátegui is a professional vocalist, vocal arranger and songwriter from Bogota, Colombia. Born into a family of musicians, she started singing at the age of three, and music has been a major part of her life ever since.

She studied musical theater, participated in different choirs, and later chose to pursue music as a career. She received a Bachelor's Degree in Music from Sergio Arboleda University, where she earned honors and merits on her thesis in: Pop, jazz, funk, R&B, soul, Brazilian music and a cappella.

​ Catalina continues to perfect her craft through ongoing studies in songwriting, contemporary vocal technique, cultural entrepreneurship, vocal pedagogy, and improvisation. She also directs and contributes to projects where she can use her skills as a vocalist, vocal arranger, and songwriter. She is the director of Voicespace, a vocal group based in Bogota where she records solo a cappella projects, as well as covers and original music.

Her passion for music and singing is rooted in: healing, connection, creativity, and an immense power for helping one another.

​ “Teaching is a very complex and fulfilling profession. It bears a huge responsibility, and it has a wide range of elements that make me enjoy it immensely: I love how much you can learn from your students and your students from you, the guidance you provide for them to reach their goals, a helping hand for them to believe in themselves and how all of this can be done through music.”

​ Catalina has taught privately since 2017, tailoring her instruction to each student's goals with a focus on the music they enjoy most, She also instructs group classes on vocal technique. She teaches the LAX VOX method, with elements from the Estill Voice Method to give students a wide range of techniques used in contemporary music.

​ Her recordings include: IDARTES award “Esto Se Compone” a collaborative song project, and backup singer for Laura Otero´s song “Florecita," the cover soundtrack of Amazon prime series “De Brutas Nada”and her first single “STARS." She also also arranges music for several different musicians and bands.

​ Her hobbies include studying violin, tap dancing and piano.

​ Ms. Catalina is accepting new students seeking remote vocal instruction in Spanish or English.
Mr. Chen Flakes started classical piano lessons at five years old and has enthusiastically pursued a life in music ever since. While continuing piano studies, he added a symphonic and marching band via the alto saxophone through high school, where he took interest in modern pop and rock music. He received his first guitar as a graduation present and immediately changed his life focus to a career in music.

Chen taught himself to play acoustic and electric guitar before moving on to the bass and drums. He joined the staff at Guitar Center after high school, where he became a certified Pro Tools instructor. He also taught courses on microphones, recording, and live audio. These sessions sparked his love for teaching and eventually led him to start private instruction in 2012.

During his time at Guitar Center, Chen became an expert at live rig engineering and design. This led to numerous touring clients relying on him to construct their sets. He began designing systems ranging from 1,000 seat clubs to 10,000 seat stadiums. He also started songwriting, digital music production, and audio engineering his own material. He has collaborated with artists from local groups to Grammy award-winning artists such as Marvin Sapp and the Commissioned. ​

Mr. Chen spends his free time playing guitar, keys, bass, and drums in various bands. He has toured the United States, performed on the Vans Warped Tour through his current band, "Another October. They've released numerous records and have released a handful of music videos worldwide. His Youtube video series "Couch Covers" has become a popular global web series that features his band, "Another October", as well as top students of The Piano Cottage Studios and other local artists. Below are some of his works on either guitar, piano, or vocals. If he isn't teaching, you can find him working on Couch Covers, writing music for his band, or working on his clothing line, AO Apparel. Chen likes to include his students in his works. His students, Maddy McKay, seen on the Celebration of Music, and Noah Kolczynski, are featured in a Couch Cover below. He is also co-writing an EP for his student Ellie Brower who has recently finished her stint on Broadway and was the lead role in Matilda in Grand Rapids's Civic Theater. He's recently discovered a love for Webdesign and built the website for the Piano Cottage.
Mr. Mario Alonso Díaz Rey has been a music educator in musical theory and guitar at several academies and universities for more than fifteen years in Bogotá, Colombia where he lives.

He is a graduate of University of Nariño, with a Bachelor of Music degree. He has held several guitar clinics in Colombia in Pasto, Madrid, Copenhagen, Bogotá among others. Mario has performed different rhythms and styles in his career, such as Rock, Pop, Salsa, Ska, Punk, Jazz, Blues, Metal and Classical Music.

He has several recordings and has performed in concerts as guest musician and session musician, in bands and projects such as Disidencia- Pasto 1996, “Deantonia” - Pasto 1999, "Rosa Negra" - Pasto 1998, Danta Nativa - Pasto 2000, Aurum - Pasto 2005 , Jazz Quintet - University of Nariño - Pasto 2001, String Orchestra of University of Nariño - Pasto 2001, Big Band of University of Nariño - Pasto 2002, Future winds - Pasto 2008, Madness Project 2009, INRI - Bogotá 2010, Symphonic Orchestra of Rock - Bogotá 2010, Artemist - Bogotá 2010, Control Z - Bogotá 2012, BloodFate - Bogotá 2014, Behind the Mask - Bogotá since 2013 to date, Song “El fantasma de Edwin” (solo Recording) from Carlos Reyes Lega and the Killer Band 2012, G3 guitar alliance nariño vive underground 3rd Edition 2015, Madness Method 2019 Skyline. “La historia de los caidos” Behind the mask single 2020

He participated in the 2009 Guitar Idol competition in England (UK), and was selected among 120 finalists.

Mario has developed his own music and compositions for "Madness Method", his band as a solo guitarist since 2009, with an Ep of the year 2019 entitled "Skyline."

​ He has been part of the band "Behind The Mask” from Bogotá since 2013. They participated in different national tours at festivals and concerts. In their discography they recorded an EP in 2013 "Pasión y Sangre", 2018 album "Hidden Beast", 2020 single "La Historia de los Caídos".

​ He has shared the stage with several prominent local and international bands, including Rata Blanca from Argentina in 2001, Mortal Sin from Australia in 2009, Kraken from Colombia 2007, 2009, 2010, Gaias Pendulum from Medellín Colombia in 2013, Pornomotora from Colombia, Anabantha from Mexico 2013, 2014 and 2016, Vital Remains from USA in 2013. Bajo Sueños from Ecuador 2015, Neurosis from Bogotá 2015, Subterranica Awards, Bogotá 2016. Xandria from Alemanía 2016, Gaias Pendulum Tour “Phase of the Moon” Colombia 2019, Behind The Mask Tour “Unleash The Beast” Colombia 2019. Brujería from Usa/Mexico 2019. Impromptus ad Mortem from Ibagué Colombia 2020.

​ Mr. Mario attended “Berklee Latino Bogotá 2016” where he studied songwriting, performance and production with great musicians and grammy winners such as Oscar Stagnaro and Enrique Gonzalez

He performed as a guest musician in the 2019 European Tour of the choreographic collective and dance school "El Colombiano" in 2019 at the Triangle Folklore Festival. Vejle, Aarush and Horsens in Denmark, Czángó Festival. Jászberény, Szeged, Desk and Szarvas in Hungary, Sziget Fest. Budapest in Hungary, Summer Fest. Szashalombata, Budapest, Toköl and Szigetszenmiklós in Hungary, Interetno Festival Subotica in Serbia.

Mr. Mario has toured the world with his guitar, but his passion for music goes far beyond the stage. He loves sharing his gift, and has taught students of all levels. He has taught classrooms of kindergartners all the way through post university graduate students. He especially loves the focus and intentionality of private, 1-on-1 instruction.

Several of his former students have pursued professional music careers and still check in with Mr. Mario from time to time for his expertise. ​

Mr. Mario is accepting new students at The Piano Cottage seeking remote instruction for acoustic, electric and classical guitar.
Mr. Jared grew up and currently lives in Grand Rapids, Michigan. For as long as he can remember he has had a guitar in his hands. He began taking piano lessons at age five and switched over to guitar lessons at age 9. Since then, he has furthered his studies with the guitar and by high school was proficient on the guitar, playing in local bands. He also studied percussion in band throughout middle school and high school. He then took Choir class his last two years and was in the most advanced choir of his school by senior year. On top of that, he put his guitar skills to use in the school jazz band.

After high school, he made the decision to further his studies on the guitar and music in general by attending Berklee College of Music in Boston. It was there he joined a band named “Merithius” and played guitar on their first record while touring around the city and the Northern East Coast. With that, he also improved and solidified many of his professional skills on the guitar along with improving his songwriting and music production skills.

After his time at Berklee, Jared decided to move back to his hometown of Grand Rapids and pursue a profession in teaching to share his musical knowledge with his community. He is now teaching guitar, piano, and drums for a high number of private students.

He recently released his first solo album, which he produced in his home built studio during lockdown.

During his free time, Jared loves working on personal creative projects that involve music, art, and performing. His favorite ways to exercise are running, swimming, and weight lifting. His favorite sport is baseball, which he also enjoys playing with friends and family. He loves playing trading cards and board games with his friends as well as working on group musical and artistic events. In his downtime, he enjoys relaxing with family, cooking, watching movies, video games, and meditation.
Philip Pletcher, pianist, conductor, teacher, actor, composer and arranger, has been active in music since age four and has played throughout the United States and Canada. He serves on the faculty at The Piano Cottage and has maintained a private piano teaching studio for over twenty-five years, working with students of all ages and levels. He is the Artistic Director of the Schubert Male Chorus and the pianist for Grand Rapids Women’s Chorus. Phil also plays for Temple Emanuel of Grand Rapids, conducts the Shir Shalom Jewish Choir and performs in collaboration with many regional musicians. Mr. Pletcher received his bachelor’s degree in piano performance from Bethel University in consortium with Indiana University. His graduate study was at Michigan State University under Ralph Votapek. He has served on the board of directors of the Grand Rapids Bach Festival and on the Advisory Council for the Calvin College Artist Series. Phil is the former Director of Music for St. Cecilia Music Society, Park Congregational Church, Plymouth United Church of Christ and Wesley Park United Methodist Church. He has served on the accompanying staff of Calvin College and Grand Valley State University. He is also past President of the Michigan Music Association and Grand Rapids Piano Teacher’s Forum. Phil is a Pampered Chef consultant and loves to make music at his shows. As an actor, he has performed extensively with the Lakeshore Arts Alliance at the Red Barn Theatre in Saugatuck and for Jewish Theatre Grand Rapids. He may be contacted at www.philippletcher.com
Ms. Deems-McCargar hails from Mt. Pleasant, Michigan where she started playing music at six years old. She took piano and voice lessons and was part of church choirs and their musical theaters. Music is something that continuously and consistently made her everyday life a little bit brighter. She'll never forget the first time she could play "chords" to a Beatles' song and has loved making musical discoveries ever since. She hopes to pass these feelings onto her students.

​ Jody entered her first piano competition at eight years old where she performed "Solfeggietto"; a short solo keyboard piece in C minor composed by Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach in 1766. She went on to win the "Womens' City Club Fine Arts Scholarship Competition" in Mt. Pleasant Michigan that provided her with a music scholarship to attend her first "Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp" and a handful of tuition-free summers at "Interlochen Arts Academy", These events introduced Jody to a higher level of piano technique, cultivated her performance skills, and increased her general musicianship.

​ Jody has studied under a litany of mentors at a variety of locations. She started with Dr. Lucille Hazecamp at Central Michigan University Mt. Pleasant from 1974-1986, Dr. Ralph Votapek at Michigan State University College of Music from 1986-1989 where she received her Bachelors of Arts Degree in Piano Performance. She then studied under Dr. Valery-Lloyd Watts and Carole Bigler at Queens University, Kingston Ontario from 1994-2006. She also spent four years studying The Suzuki Association of the Americas from 1990-1994 where she received her Suzuki Piano Instruction Certifications from The SAA/Suzuki Association of the Americas". She's also been a member of the West Michigan Piano Teacher Forum, MMTA and National Association of Music Teachers, Federation Music Clubs, St. Cecilia’s Music Clubs, the Grand Rapids Federation of Musicians Local 57, and Suzuki Association of the Americas.

​ Jody is a co-founder, former Director of The Piano Cottage Studios where it became West Michigan’s home to more than 500 pianists from 4-94 years old. She was also the recipient of the 91.6 WCSG Radio Station "Hometown Hero" Award. After stepping down from the Piano Cottage, Jody is enjoying her time with her husband in Middleville. They live on a 7-acre parcel of farmland that includes a small orchard and a large flower and large vegetable garden. If she wasn't teaching, she would be selling the flowers and open a small flower and donut shop. They love gardening, hiking, and cooking as well as spending time with their four adult children: Henry, Duncan, Georgia & Suzy, plus a new grandchild and their dog, Graham Cracker.

​ You may catch Jody as a hired musician, professionally for various local events including college & community theater musical productions such as The Civic Theater and the Circle Theater . She also accompanies ballet, dance studios, church events, and local high school choirs. She'll occasionally perform at weddings and private parties.
Mr. Andrés' journey with music started at a young age, taking piano lessons in his local church a couple of nights a week after school. Andrés found music to be captivating, and it was only a matter of time before he was playing piano in his church's music band. Through these experiences, he realized that music was something that he wanted to continue pursuing throughout his life.

He began his music studies at Los Andes University in Bogotá, Colombia. Changing from an empirical and “church” setting to an academic one was a big challenge. Nevertheless, under the guidance of Óscar Acevedo, Berklee College of Music (1984) and one of the leading pioneers in Colombian jazz, he understood how much of an impact an instructor can make in a student's life.

In addition to the piano, Andrés took an interest in the keyboard and production. He discovered that the keyboard is an instrument that can be used for composition and for creative arrangements in a wider array of music settings. Andrés understands that learning an instrument is not a "one size fits all" approach, and his knowledge of both the piano and the keyboard helps him to effectively tailor his instruction to fit each individual student's needs.

Graduating from Los Andes University with a bachelor’s degree in music and audio production opened Andrés' eyes to the importance that music plays in our culture, and how profoundly it shapes the way we experience moments in life. He is honored that he has the ability to share his talents and abilities with other students. “Teaching somebody something is giving a real and special part of yourself, especially if we are talking about music”.

Andrés loves to travel, learn languages, and share his own culture with others. “One of the things I appreciate the most about music is that it is a common language which people from all around the world can experience." As any well respected Colombian, he is very passionate about soccer, and enjoys playing it with friends every Sunday night.

Mr. Andrés is offering virtual piano lessons in Spanish, and is excited for the opportunity to help students grow musically as well as culturally. Although his first language is Spanish, he is also fluent in English.
Ms. Linda Livermore was born and raised in Traverse City, Michigan. Her parents and were always playing music in their home, which led her to start practicing the piano and join her church choir. Linda fell in love with how all the elements of music (e.g. notes, phrases, intervals, harmony, rhythm, dynamics, and tempo) weave together to create something magical.

Linda's first musical experience began listening to her parents and siblings sing and play instruments; She is one of six children and there was a lot of music in their home! Her first performance was a piano recital. She began accompanying her church choir as a teenager, studying under Helen Squires. Linda attended Cornerstone University where she received a Bachelor of Music in Piano Performance. Linda received the Bateman Award for top freshman music student at Cornerstone University.

At Cornerstone, Linda studied under Peter Van Dessell. After graduating from Cornerstone, she entered the graduate program at Western Michigan University, where she studied under Dr. Silvia Roederer. Linda credits both Van Dessell and Roederer as influential mentors in her music career.

Linda still learns new piano music and is currently learning a few classical pieces to record. Her favorite classical composers are Chopin and Bach, but she enjoys modern artists as well such as Ben Folds, Jeremy Loops, and The Weepies

If she's not practicing classical music, she is hunting for morel mushrooms. Linda also has a passion for birds, giving her the nickname "Linda Bird". She had pet birds growing up and even has them tattooed on her. If she was not studying music, she would be a beekeeper.
Ms. Lucy Spinner has been described as a natural born teacher. As an early elementary student she was often found across the room "helping" a student that was struggling with their work. Her teacher suggested she join a music class since she didn't seem to have enough to keep her busy. The rest is history.

By the third grade, Lucy had decided she wanted to be a teacher. She began studying violin in the fourth grade and enjoyed the fun and challenge of learning music.

​ When Lucy entered high school she joined the Detroit Youth Symphony and studied privately with the late, Emily Austin, a member of the Detroit Symphony. Ms. Austin had studied at The Julliard School, under Master Instructor, Ivan Galamian.

Lucy continued private violin studies while attending Wayne State University, where she earned a Bachelor's Degree in Music Education, and after that a Master's Degree in Music Education. She is also certified as a music educator in five levels of the Suzuki teaching method for violin and cello.

​ She fulfilled her dream of becoming a teacher and taught string instrument classes for many years with Detroit Public Schools.

​ Lucy has performed extensively in quartets at weddings, private parties and conventions. She also started and conducted a community orchestra in Newaygo for several years.

Ms. Lucy enjoys the one-on-one relationship of private instruction. She views teaching as her special purpose in life. Her philosophy: Musicians never die, they just decrescendo.

​ She is welcoming new students for studies in Suzuki and traditional violin, cello, and viola.
Mr. Wright McCargar has taught and performed since he was 5 years old, when he started piano lessons. His time at Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp really cemented his love for music. He played in various groups which led to his first gig at the company party of one of his band member's parents.

Wright continued to study music privately through high school. He attended Michigan State University, where he received a B.A. in Music Ed. He is also a Certified Recording Engineer through RAIA and Grand Awards winner through Grand Rapids Theater.

If Wright is not teaching, you can find him camping or woodworking. However, those will always be hobbies because Wright knew he would be a music instructor ever since he was inspired by his high school music director. This is what would drive him to start the Piano Cottage. He helped to cultivate it's signature collaborative spirit for families, students, and teachers.

You can catch Wright performing in all sorts of groups, such as the River City Jazz Band, Fountain Street Church, Amy Young and Mood Swings, various combos, and the West Michigan New Horizons Bands. He has served as music director for both Civic Theatre and Circle Theatre the past several years and looks forward to returning to the podium as soon as performances restrictions are eased from the pandemic. Former student, Tony Moceri, who is studying music at Michigan State University, often performs in local theatre as well.
Mr. Josh Zimmerman is originally from the West Michigan area where he began taking piano lessons at nine years old. Josh was playing at weddings and traveling to churches throughout West Michigan by twelve years old, and has been performing ever since.

Josh was a three-sport athlete in high school. After practice, he taught piano lessons to neighboring families and began running his own private studio at the age of 16. In 2017, Josh released his album "Crossroads," which is linked below:


​​Josh attended Central Michigan University, where he graduated in 2012 with a degree in Secondary Education. Since then, Josh has held several musical posts, including band director at Sacred Heart Academy in Mount Pleasant, MI from 2012-2017, and accompanist at St. Vincent DePaul in Shepherd.

In his spare time, he enjoys: running, backpacking, camping, snowboarding, and traveling with his wife and daughter. Josh acquired ownership of the Piano Cottage in 2019. He loves the positive atmosphere and working with like-minded people with similar goals, as well as the tight-knit community The Piano Cottage is known for. Josh still finds time to be a worship leader and occasionally gigs out and performs at venues.
Originally from Pennsylvania, Ms. Elizabeth Ann Leete began her musical journey at the age of seven, when her family purchased a new piano. She has been singing and performing from the bench ever since!

Ms. Betsy attended the University of Delaware for her undergraduate degree where she studied Music Education. She later transferred to Aquinas College, where she completed her Bachelor of Arts degree in Education, with an emphasis in Music Education. Betsy continued her education to receive her Master's Degree in Music Education from New York University.

As a public school educator throughout her life, she has taught a variety of subjects including keyboard studies, piano performance, general music, theory, choir, and keyboard labs in Brooklyn, the Bronx, New Rochelle, New York, as well as Newark, New Jersey.

​ In addition to her skills as a music educator, Ms. Betsy is an accomplished vocalist and keyboardist and spent several years performing and traveling with popular keyboard-based bands.

Since her return to Grand Rapids, she has taught privately, as well as at other area music studios. She has taught music for more than fourteen years.
Ms. Mary is a transplant from Marne, Michigan. Growing up in a musical family helped her musicianship at an early age. Music gave her a sense of peace in her large family where she was the middle child with four siblings. She joined her church choir, where she performed her first vocal solo.

Mary started formal training under her aunt which led her to study music at Aquinas College where she received her degree in Music Education. After graduating from Aquinas, she completed her student teaching at Lakeside Elementary in East Grand Rapids and Wyoming Public Schools. She knew at an early age that she wanted to teach music and start a family.

Mary taught elementary music teacher at East Grand Rapids and Coopersville Public Schools before joining the Piano Cottage. Her classroom training and experience contribute to her effectiveness as an instructor of The Piano Cottage. She teaches voice and piano as well directing several vocal groups and choirs. One of her most memorable experiences with the Piano Cottage was the first time she directed the choir for The Piano Cottage Rocks.

Mary loves to share her passion for music. She would perform more, but right now her focus is on her family. She has four young kids who love going hiking, biking, and other outdoor activities. You can also catch her as a member of the Chamber Choir of Grand Rapids.
Ms. Kathy Gibson leads a strong and dynamic Vocal Department at TPC which offers professional-level instruction for voice students ranging from children through seasoned, working pros. When not teaching at TPC, she serves on the Music Department Faculty at Cornerstone University and Aquinas College as a contemporary vocal music specialist. She also teaches Intro To Theatre and Musical Theatre Performance Workshop classes for CU, and she teaches voice in the nationally recognized Musical Theatre Department at Western Michigan University.

For nearly three decades Kathy has instructed world-class singers. She uses the Somatic Voicework® (SVW) method which is Jeannette LoVetri’s body-based system of vocal technique training for Contemporary Commercial Music (CCM).

Ms. Kathy Gibson is known for her mastery of a variety of styles and musical genres. She has performed jazz, The American Songbook, pop, opera, and musical theatre in venues ranging from the classroom to the concert stage. A recipient of numerous awards, she was notably the silver medalist at the American Traditions Singing Competition in Savannah, GA, and a Star Search regional winner.

Teaching tomorrow’s stars: When not performing, Kathy is passionate about teaching singing to all ages from nine years of age through adults. Kathy has many former students working in the industry, including Broadway, cruise ships, concert tours, theme parks, Las Vegas productions, film, and more. She has also traveled the country giving Master Classes and workshops. Ms. Gibson graduated Magna Cum Laude with a BA in Jazz/Vocal Performance from Aquinas College and returned to teach voice there.

Recordings include: The Pink Album, Not Since Prom, with Motown Band “Sounds Like Fun”, Taking A Chance On Love with River City Jazz Ensemble and I Love A Piano, with Rich Ridenour. She completed two Allied Arts (formerly United Artists) National concert tours with pianist Rich Ridenour to rave reviews.

Symphony Pops Concert Performances include Grand Rapids, The Organizacion par alas Artes Guatemala City, Midland, Elgin IL, Ocean City NJ, Charlotte NC, Tucson AZ, Portland ME, Lafayette IN and Bijou Symphony Orchestras.

Musical Theater Roles: Eva Peron (Evita), Velma (Chicago), The Old Lady (Candide). Kathy is a 6 time Grand Award recipient for performances in Big Eddie/Little Eddie (Grey Gardens) Mrs. Lovett (Sweeny Todd), Mama Rose (Gypsy), and Fosca (Passion). She was a featured artist in the LA World Premiere of Love Handles and So You Wanna Be On Broadway at The Lambs Theatre in New York. Operas include Die Fledermaus (Ida), La Traviata (Flora), The Merry Widow (Sylvianne).

Director and Choreography Credits include Baby, The World Goes Round, I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change, Beauty and the Beast, Smokey Joe’s Café, and received a special Grand Award for her production of Beehive. She also won a Grand Award for her vocal direction on The Spitfire Grill.

As a Soloist: One of her favorite concerts was opening for Bob Newhart to a sold-out house in Elgin IL. She also sang with the band that opened for Jay Leno at Laughfest 2014. Kathy has long been swinging tunes with The River City Jazz Ensemble who have performed for the Governor’s Inaugural Ball and four past Presidents. Her vocal work also encompasses jingles, studio work, and original compositions.
Ms. Carrie Steffen joined The Piano Cottage faculty in 2013.

Prior to joining The Piano Cottage, she taught music privately for five years.

A graduate of Full Sail University, with a B.A. in Music Production, Carrie also studied music education at Grand Rapids Community College.

Currently she teaches piano and combination studies in piano/voice, piano/ukulele and piano/composition. She is also an accomplished performing musician, music producer and composer. Carrie sings, plays piano, mandolin, guitar, ukulele and hammered dulcimer.

Carrie's mother was also a piano instructor and she credits her mother for inspiring a love of music. Others who played a key role in her journey to becoming a music educator include: Mrs. Jane Greenfield and Dr. Kenneth Bos, DMA.

When she is not teaching, Carrie spends her spare time in singer/songwriter mode. Listen to her original vocal/piano compositions on her Soundcloud, which is linked below.

"I was hoping to find a group of people who were as passionate about teaching music as I am. Being part of The Piano Cottage community is like a dream come true."